Reorganised their wardrobe/ made any garments lately?

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  1. As our outings have been restricted, has anyone used the time to make any clothes or reorganise their wardrobes? I have pulled out one or two (small - like scarves etc) things to donate, but donation places are closed. I'm looking at a piece of material that would make a snood face-covering.

  1. Natasha, This is such a good time to reorganize our wardrobes! Declutter and remove items you are not wearing (for one reason or another). Once you clear out the clutter, you can then start to put things back. I suggest following my step-by-step Closet organization page. This week's Style Mission is to store your accessories~creatively. Use old drawer knobs mounted on a board to hang necklaces, use cup hooks, etc. Think of how else you would arrange your accessories.

  2. And we could change our clothes by dyeing them :) I have a bright orange maxi dres in crinkle cotton. Today I saw a similar one in a shop, in dark brown. So - I may change the orange to brown.

  3. Natasha, Dyeing your crinkle cotton maxi to dark brown sounds like a wonderful idea! Let us know how it goes! It would be nice if you can post a photo too! Love, Leslie MSP

  4. I've not made any new clothes, but I made a messenger bag back in the fall and was so happy with it through the winter that I made another one when spring got here. The fall/winter one was made from small pinwale corduroy. It was a gray background fabric with small jewel colored designs. I made a pattern using the dimensions from a bag that I had bought from a consignment store a few years ago. I added outside pockets, making it easy to keep my keys handy. I enjoyed the bag so much during the cool seasons that I made another for spring/summer. I made this one from fabric that has a black background and small, bright, jewel colored flowers sprinkled over it. My bags brighten up my wardrobe so much, just like the example in the newest MSP newsletter!

  5. Sherry, your bags sound lovely. How clever of you to have made them yourself! On the subject of MSP's latest newsletter, I like the outfit showing jeans, sleeveless top and gauzy open kimono coverup. I might copy that. :)

  6. Haven't got a kimono jacket yet, but am enjoying a cream maxi dress with thin blue stripes, with a white/cream needlecord biker jacket over it. Have had the jacket for about 3 years. Wearing the outfit with white plimsolls.

  7. And wearing a snood round my neck so I can pull it up for a face covering when necessary. :)

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