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  1. In your advice to us "B's", you say to stay away from pleated pants because it will add heft to our middle... however, on several occasions you have shown pleated skirts...this week it is an accordion skirt. Don't those add heft/fullness as well? Thanks.

  1. I'm a B too and can't wear boxy-pleated pants or skirts, especially made from thicker fabric (think 1980's style). However, I think I could wear the skirt in this week's Profile because it looks to be made from a lightweight, seemingly more clingy fabric. I would think these small pleats would add vertical lines to help the body look taller and leaner. As a petite B, I would definitely have to hem it around knee-length to make it work for me though. I'm just guessing on this. Hopefully, Leslie will get a chance to give you the expert's answer on this.

  2. Thanks for your question. Pleats can add heft to your silhouette, if you are not careful. However, these slim pleats in a "fit and flare" skirt can actually be quite slimming! The pleat trend in skirts (along with slacks) are popular right now. Pleated slacks will need a tucked in slim-fit top and a slight heeled shoe for the best look. Consider the accordian pleat skirt this season!
    Leslie MSP

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