Must-Have Wardrobe Basics Article

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  1. Hi. I'm looking in my membershp blog and articles for the article mentioned in today's email - The Must-Have Wardrobe Basics - which has the color combinations. Not finding it,nor have I saved it. But the email mentioned it's a available to all members. Thanks for your help.

  1. Hi! I'm not currently a member, but when I was, the email used to come out on Tuesdays but the articles weren't posted until a day or two later. If it doesn't show up by Thursday, contact MSP's helpline using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page. Good luck!

  2. Dear SYSters, This article is located on your membership page. Scroll down past the weekly (dated) articles. You will see the blue hyperlink "Must-Have Wardrobe Basics"'s "hiding" in plain view :) Love, Leslie MSP

  3. Thanks everyone!! :-)

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