Where to Buy Clothing for Small Petites

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  1. Where do people who are very small and petite buy clothing that fits? Our 22-yr old daughter is 5'2", very petite, weighs all of 100 lbs, and has a really hard time finding clothing that fits. Size 00 is typically too large. Petite clothing is too long and baggy for her body. Thankfully, body-skimming clothing is in style now, because it fits her well. She just can't find much that looks good. (She has two autoimmune conditions, so she is underweight, but the doctors are keeping close watch on her.)Petite Ankle-length jeans are full-length on her. - But she has an adult figure. She's the exact size of my great-grandmother! What stores do tiny people shop at to buy clothes? (I'm 5'6" and never had this problem!)

  1. I am not really sure. She could try junior petites if that exists as junior clothing tends to fit smaller than misses. Or, this isn't really fashionable, but has she tried children's clothes for the basics like jeans and tees? The only other option is to buy the petites and find a really good tailor/seamstress.

  2. I second the childrens idea. Some designer lines have very sophisticated kids lines now. When I was 18 I was still a very petite person and loved to shop at gap, limited, and jcrew kids stores, somtimes the clothes were even better than the adults for that season. I miss those days, cant do it anymore.

  3. Petites can have a hard time finding what they need and want. Often the best place is at a large quality department store...

  4. Petites can have a hard time finding what they need and want. Often the best place is at a large quality department store...

  5. I have trouble finding petite sizes too. But, I have found skirts to be much easier to fit than pants or jeans, so I make my own skirts, usually a slightly A-line style and pair them up with sweaters and sweater tights in the fall/winter. For spring/summer, I like cotton print skirts with tanks or tees. I usually have my best luck at finding shorter tops at thrift stores. I think many ladies have tops that shrink up the first time they are washed and donate them to the shops. I often find nearly-new tops there that are just the right length for me.???? Skirts are easy to sew, and are so comfortable and feminine. They're easy to dress up or dress-down. And I've found them to be great wardrobe extenders for me since I have a hard time finding pants that fit right.

  6. SherryfromAL....Yes, yes and yes! I agree with you on all counts. Petite clothing can be hard to find and skirts are often easier than finding pants that fit. A bonus to skirts, they just look nice. It's an easy combination that works well any season (especially in the summer).

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