Fashion Magazines for Older Women

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  1. If I were only going to get a subscription to one magazine for fashion for women over 50, which one would you all choose?

  1. I would pick More magazine. I used to subscribe to it and enjoyed it. Pretty sure it's geared to women who are 40 and up.

  2. If you were in the UK I would say Good Housekeeping magazine or Woman and Home magazine. They sound as if they would be about housekeeping but there's a lot about fashion... :)

  3. More definitely! Although I do find the fashion layouts they have tend to use some pretty expensive clothing, they give you some great ideas to find the same styles in more economical options if required.

  4. SYSters, Magazines are not always the best 'go-to' resource for style. They will often have way too many ads, give you very generalized style help or the clothes are way too expensive or impractical. However, every now and then they will have an article that's pretty helpful. If you wanted to get one subscription (beside using your MSP Personal Profile) I'd agree "More" magazine would be the best option.

  5. There are 2 websites that I enjoy learning about fashion and style (instead of a magazine): Inside Out and Already Pretty. You might enjoy them too.

  6. From a quick internet search, More magazine in the UK seems to be quite different from the one in the USA which you all recommend...

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