Colors and graying hair/makeup

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  1. I have been categorized as a Winter in my seasonal colors. I am beginning to allow the gray hair to come in and choosing not to continue coloring/highlighting my hair (at least for now ????). Will I continue to be a Winter or will the coloring soften to a Summer palette? Also wondered about the suggestions that as we age, we wear softer lipstick? I’ve often heard to select a peachy pink color... does this apply to Winters? If so, does anyone have any brand/color suggestions to achieve this look?

  1. On www.12blueprints/com a Winter lady recommended Clinique - Raspberry Rush lipstick 413. Lots of ideas on that site, especially in the comments from readers. The readers don't think peachy pink is for Winters. On Kettlewell Colours website it says you don't change your season as you get older, but may become slightly lighter or brighter or cooler or warmer. You would still be a Winter.

  2. Should have said - (not/com)

  3. Thank you for the website info! I’ll check it out! I appreciate you for answering my question!!

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