July 9, 2020 Style Article

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  1. Oops, this is only possible of you don't ever have to go to the bathroom. You'd have to untie the knot in the t-shirt, peel off the t-shirt and hang it somewhere, then strip down to bra with the jumpsuit! "Got a cocktail jumpsuit? Awesome! Dress down your jumpsuit by adding a tee-shirt over it, then tie a knot in the tee-shirt. Bam...you now have a casual-chic look!" Time for an edit on some of the advice.

  1. Really love the ideas this week of co-ordinating accessories with hair colour; hint of colour added to neutrals, over-sized scarf; and mixing prints. Anyone else have favourite hints?

  2. Got me on this one! My bladder doesn't like this idea either for a night out. However, instead of a cocktail jumsuit (where it would be really cute)....modify and change it to: "ADD a tee-shirt over a summer dress and tie in a knot." Ease of going potty is important. My bad ;( Love, Leslie MSP
    Regarding hair color...yes always a good choice to match the accessories to your hair color. Did you like the red head in navy wearing all warm brown accessories. She looked fabulous-and so can we!!!

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