Favorite type on handbags?

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  1. My canvas carry all handbag with the appropriate number of zippered compartments and pockets has worn out. Now it looks ratty, the handles are frayed and it's time to replace. As I was shopping around yesterday, I didn't see anything similar. Most big bags are just one open sac with handles. Anything I put in there will fall to the bottom and look messy. Any suggestions??? This might sound weird, but I carry a lunch box everyday. I wish I could find some sort of coordinating component there as well. Thanks.

  1. You may want to look at baggallini.com. You'll find a variety of tote-bags each with various interior compartments. One may meet your needs. Added benefit - the tote bags are made of lightweight nylon -- easy to keep clean.

  2. Great, Thanks so much! I will try baggallini. As it turns out , I went shopping for the perfect handbag and ended up buying no less than three!!!! One was beautiful ellen fisher tote style for $4 at thrift. Alas no pockets, but I couldn't refuse. The second is a fake alligator sturdy tote with zippers and such, this one seems nice and practical for everyday maybe? And the third one is a sort of back pack made of italian leather- this one was on sale but still pricey. And what did I do??????????? I took everything and put it back into the ratty canvas bag with the right pockets and carried it to work as usual?! Guess I need some help here.

  3. Mary, Sounds like you settled! I do this all the time. Meaning, I'm looking to check all the boxes and can't find anything that does it. I notice that many times my donations are the newer things I've purchased. I'm trying now to stop repeating this and try to style what I already have.

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