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  1. Hello Leslie, is there a contact email for you? I looked on your website for a "contact us" but could not find one. Where do people send their testimonials from following your fashion advice? My question is about the Before and After pictures we see. Why is it that not does the right clothing make the model look good, but there are other things not pertaining to the clothes that are different too. 1. The model smiles in the after, but not in the before 2. The stance, pose of the model is unflattering (straight on) in the before, but employes enhancing stance in the after ( side view of hips, hans in a more flattering position, knee bent, etc. 3. After picture has the model wearing makeup, but not in the before 4. Hair style is improvd in the after compared to the before. If you were making the point, for example, that a certain length of jacket is more flattering to a certain body type, would it not be uful to keep all other factors consistant in both the before and after? I can understand that a picture used from a complete makeover, including how to pose to improve your look for a phot, would have all those extra enhancements, but when using before and after photosthat you've created yoourself, why have all those other changes to confound the point? Expecially the easiest, being to not/smile, and the straight on forward pose versus the side pose. Just wondering? Do really appreciate all your advice. It really works wonders.

  1. Sandy, You can reply straight back from one of your weekly emails to contact me. You can also use the link at the bottom of the website "contact us"...and lastly, my email address is:

    I hear and understand you regarding the before and after photos. Often there are differences in the way the person stands, their makeup, hair, etc. that makes the "after" more flattering. Hopefully, the best improvement is one's smile! They are smiling in the after photos because they are feeling good about looking good. That's what this website is all about. I personally, just want to share with you (and my other MSP SYSters) how affordable real style can be. I also want every woman to know style is attainable for every woman (every age, size, shape).

    Sandy, I'd love if you would share your style story with me and others. We learn so much from each other!

    Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Ha, Ha, more than just lip colour required by this before gal! Love it.


  3. And they've deliberately painted a smaller shape onto the actual shape of her lips. Strange picture, all in all. :)

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