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  1. Bra fit is this week's topic. Tell me your biggest challenge with bra fit. It is slipping straps, figuring out your best size, or perhaps straps that dig in (ouch), or something else?

  1. Hi, My biggest challenge is finding affordable bras that do the job.

  2. I discovered Wacoal brand a number of years ago and get the same style. The straps cut in closer to the center to avoid the bra strap slippage that was my biggest problem (narrow shoulders) They are pricy but they last a really long time.

  3. Bras can be expensive. Often, you do have to pay more to get better lasting quality and fit. For less expensive you might try the Jockey brand. Another alternative for narrow shoulders and slipping straps is a racer back style. Perhaps Wacoal (I love that brand too) has one?

  4. Thanks

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