Outfit for Grandmother of the Bride?

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  1. I've been looking on line for an outfit for a 90 year old lady who is the grandmother of the bride, for a wedding in August. She says it mustn't cling around the tummy. She has lymphoedema in one arm, bandaged - not sure how much extra room needed for that, and because of Crisis Rules I can't visit at the moment to check. I was looking for a dress {A-line)and jacket. She is a 12/14 UK size. Dark hair and blue eyes. Has anyone any ideas, pics?

  1. I'm thinking maybe it will have to be Petite size as she won't want the skirt too long. I looked on a Mother of the Bride site and the outfits were mega-expensive. Then, elsewhere online, I saw a dress and shrug with tape-work ornamentation (white on navy) but it looked as if it would be too long, and the ornamentation would make it difficult to shorten.

  2. I was a mother of the bride less than 2 years ago and spent $450 for my gown plus $150 for alterations at a bridal shop. I have posted twice on eBay but there seems to be too much competition. It looked beautiful on that special day but that is a lot of money. Would you consider renting? Another option is to purchase 2-3 dresses/gowns from a place like Nordstroms that has petite lengths and return policy. Do be careful you read the return policy. I think if I did that, I would have saved a lot.

  3. Thank you tellanna, yes she wouldn't want to spend that much. I'm not related to her, just trying to help as she is isolated and has very bad eyesight and family haven't suggested anything yet.

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