Wigs to improve confidence

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  1. Haven't seen any discussion of wigs here, so thought I would start one. There are lots of lovely wigs nowadays - don't have to be long and swishy. Lots of lovely short and chin length wigs too. Anyone have any friends who have "poor or no hair" and look good in wigs? Synthetic wigs can be washed and left to dry, and the style is still there, no problem.

  1. I purchased a short length topper from Godiva's Secret Wigs last summer and was pleased with it. I did have my hairdresser trim it for me. They have many You tube videos on line and also info on their website. I would check their return policy to make sure it will work for you. They periodically send discounts to your email if you sign up.

  2. Sounds good. Does a topper "pull" at your own hair, as it is fastened with clips inside?

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you, tellanna. Hairpieces etc make it so quick and easy to go out looking good, without fighting with difficult hair.

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