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  1. Wow, this week's (4-23-20) is one of the best style articles. It covered so many things like: 1. CV safety - keep outside shoes for outside, so no tracking in "stuff"; 2. lots of ideas for dressing nicely at home; 3. great hair ideas, especially the fancy de3sign with safety pins; 4. house dress - there could be a lot more styles going on here; and 5. great counseling about being ourselves and coping with stress. Thanks for so many good ideas, Leslie!

  1. Sandy, Thanks! We are all in this together!
    I dresses take on a new and improved image-who would have thought?!
    Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Oops, some typos in my post--phone is too small to proofread, Ha, Ha!

  3. This sounds interesting! Leslie, is it possible to view this style article from the past which would be before I rejoined?

  4. Livinword5 Yes, I will get this past article emailed out to you! Enjoy and welcome back! Leslie MSP

  5. Please, I would be grateful if you would send me a copy of the 'Comfy Living' article. What with Covid here, and winter coming ....

  6. R Madrid, I will email you a copy! My pleasure! Leslie MSP

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