A Look Book

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  1. I know I learned this phrase "look book" from Missussmartypants but I can't seem to find any of the information about how to create one. Also, I'd like to do it on my iPhone instead of carrying around a folder of types. I started one in the first year I joined Missusmartypants but it got to be really heavy & I quit using it. I'd like to review the criteria for creating one. When I planned my wardrobe for my trip to Europe this past June, I used my iPhone picture roll but I had pics all over the place. I was constantly scrolling and looking for THAT pic that I saved. I want to use the album section this time. So much of what I like I see online anyway. I haven't bought a magazine in a while....okay, I bought the latest Instyle mag just the other night but that's was because I was wanting a peek at what coming for Fall.

  1. There's another thread on this subject, titled "Do you have a style binder". Several people mentioned apps that they use. You might find some info there.

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