Since Coronavirus...How are you dressing???

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  1. Dear MSP SYSters, How are you dressing since the Coronavirus has (most of) us staying at home? Are you having a hard time putting together anything somewhat stylish? I admit, it's hard to get dressed to shoes, put on a little makeup, etc. when you don't plan to go anywhere. What are you doing to get yourself together? Are you struggling? How about your hair? Are you getting ready to do it yourself at home?

  1. We need advice on how to keep our blankets in place as garments...

  2. Natasha! Oh my. Sorry to hear about another lockdown where you are.

    Here, where I am we are semi-locked down. It's tough. It seems we need to balance comfort with feeling our best. Quite the task.

    To keep from feeling sluggish and depressed-Think: "What can I wear that will cheer me up?" For me, I go straight to COLOR-plus wearing an accessory, like cute earrings helps...even though I'm not going anywhere.

    Anyone else care to weigh in? How do you dress to feel your best while locked down or staying at home???

  3. Most people manage to look normal when we go out, but I suspect the 3rd lockdown in the UK is getting to us, and we are dressing like troglodytes at home if no one can see us.

  4. In UK, we're still looking reasonable when we go out (to the supermarket - excitement! - or for a daily walk) but morale may be sinking. We listen for messages of eventual release. Luckily the lockdown seems to be good for hair growth. Apparently there's a boom in sales of lounge wear.

  5. LOL! Yes, Lockdowns are getting old. Yes in cold weather it can be a bit depressing. I find if I push myself to get outside for a walk I feel much better. I always put on a base layer under my pants and shirt, then add a warm hat, gloves and jacket.

  6. have been trying various combos of tops, bottoms and completers to see if everything I have really is interchangeable. mostly it is other than some sleeves of tops don't fit in some jackets. accessories are key. but if something doesn't work I am not stuck in it all day.

  7. Spring is springing and we are /(I am) looking for summery clothes. Tired of cosy leisure wear now. My main problem is what footwear to wear with the summery clothes, as my feet love my winter short boots.

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