Since Coronavirus...How are you dressing???

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  1. Dear MSP SYSters, How are you dressing since the Coronavirus has (most of) us staying at home? Are you having a hard time putting together anything somewhat stylish? I admit, it's hard to get dressed to shoes, put on a little makeup, etc. when you don't plan to go anywhere. What are you doing to get yourself together? Are you struggling? How about your hair? Are you getting ready to do it yourself at home?

  1. I'm dressing in whatever makes me feel good that day! That means comfort--non-restrictive clothing and soft fabrics. Sometimes I need bright colours. This week the temperature has dropped, so it's back to winter sweaters. I don't wear shoes in the house (I'm Canadian) or makeup, and I haven't been wearing jewellery...nice not to have to think about it for a while. As for the hair, luckily I don't colour it and my current style is looking okay as it grows out. I do have bangs and that will be a problem soon!

  2. I've cut a bit off the back of my hair, with the help of a mirror and a large pair of scissors. Feels rebellious to do that. The hairdresser would be shocked. Very interesting to see the real colour of my hair - except that the real colour is mousy. Have been putting on eye makeup every day, just for my own morale. I put "proper clothes" on when I go out for my daily walk, so that makes me look respectable, though late in the day. The rest of the time I'm wearing "lounge-wear" though that makes it sound more glamorous than it is.

  3. If I ever get round to making a "Zoom" call I shall feel obliged to achieve newsreader levels of glamour - as will my surroundings - though I believe you can add a "fictional" background to Zoom, so that will be fun. :)

  4. At least I didn't buy a onesie with furry ears. :)

  5. Wonderer: I love your comment about color. I strongly believe wearing pretty or bright colors helps uplift our mood.

    A touch of makeup, comfy clothes (but not our pajamas) will help us feel our best during this anxious time.
    Natasha-I love your comment about being "rebellious" and cutting the back of your hair! Why not? I'm okay with my super-short pixie cut (right now) however, I'm seriously considering buying a Flowbee!!! I've owned one about 15 years ago (or maybe 20 years?!) and cut my three boys hair when they were little. They are grown men now, lol!

  6. As a retiree, my daily attire is mostly casual, but I'm wearing some of my nicer tops with my usual jeans and capris. it boosts my spirits, and I figure it's nice for my DH, too! My last haircut was March 6, and my stylist cut my hair shorter than usual (miscommunication) and left my bangs longer. The shorter hair is a blessing in disguise, as it is already growing out nicely. The bangs I tackled last weekend after watching several YouTube videos on cutting fringe bangs. Easy-peasy. I have naturally highlighted hair and have never colored it, so that's one problem I don't have. Chin hairs and facials I've had to handle on my own. I take good care of my skin and wear minimal make-up -- usually just a touch of lipstick. I'm so glad that I love all my clothes, thanks to years of subscribing to Missus SmartyPants.

  7. Hi, Leslie, hi everyone! It's a good question - and I was only thinking the other day, wouldn't it be great if Leslie were to dedicate one of her weekly articles to what to wear around the home! As a SAHM I am not dressing too much differently from how I "used" to dress (you know, in those far-off days, before Covid-19 became a household term); BUT I saw/heard advice from Jonathan Roche to wear what makes us feel good, and that struck a fresh chord with me. Leslie, you have said the same thing many times. Now that we are at home and not bombarded by so many outside forces and voices, we have the opportunity to get in touch with our true feelings and pay more attention to what we really LIKE. As per your recent Style Challenge, now is a great time to get rid of items in our closet we actually don't like. We have time now to do this thoughtfully, working out what clothes make us feel good - we can even start putting total looks together that we'd like to achieve (hello, Pinterest and some of the store apps like Macy's). And hands up, I have also done some online shopping... :-) When the world has gone crazy and of course there are many things we can and should be worrying about, I feel thankful for what I have, including what I have in my closet. I don't want to take it for granted in future, I want to make everything that's in there really count.

  8. Great question. I'm wearing by "best" at home clothes, which double as my going out casual clothes:jeans, t-shirt, plaid shirt. Also a bit of make-up:eyebrows (mine are invisable without a touch-up), and a bit of lip liner and lipstick. Hair done eack morning: use a flat-iron to get rid of bed head.. And like Wonderer, no shoes indoors, but socks always the same colour as my jeans to have legs appear longer. Have already trimmed my bangs, I do that all the time between cuts. I'd purchased 4 pairs of jeans and 3 plaid shirts at Goodwill just before thr big CV, so got out the sewing machine and am now teaching myself to do my own alterations at the waist and hemming. I used to sew a little bit, never had lessons, as a teenager, but haven't since then. Now I have time again.

  9. Been following you for lotsa years and no going back! No reason to dress different at home for me. I have been so happy with my MSP makeover it stuck! So my at home attire is influenced by MSP. I almost don’t own frumpy dumpy comfy clothes. One pair of sweat pants that I rarely wear, maybe for an especially dirty deep cleaning housework. I have good jeans and everyday jeans so that keeps me from sweats. Sweats don’t feel comfy to me as much as frumpy. Definitely not athletic. Lol With the exception of now not having personal professional appts for which I wear tailored classics and mostly skirts. The rest of the time I wear cords or jeans with layered look or pullover sweater. Always earrings and another accessory usually. A second ring or scarf, a pin or necklace. More or less casual. Shoes vary. On the rare occasion I feel lousy or I really need to kick my mind into rest mode, its the fuzzy bathrobe. Which has its downside if I linger lol. At the moment, jeans plus a plaid shirt over a t shirt. A spring inspired dimensional metal flowers necklace. Sneakers. Peace, health, blessings!

  10. Loved this thread! I'm still getting dressed to shoes daily. Mainly jeans with tee and comfy hoodie. I'm always cold. Most days I avoid makeup in case I need to walk with a mask on. I still have a tendency to save my nicer tops for when I leave the house and I haven't been doing much of that.

  11. I've chopped a bit more off the back of my hair - and it may be wonky (not straight). But it looks less straggly. Also I have been out for two walks wearing my "tracky-bottoms" ! Is this a downward spiral? Still putting on my eye makeup though :) (And I did have my coat over my baggy trousers!)

  12. And I did have my earrings on - and a colourful scarf!

  13. Natasha-Earrings are a nice touch. I hear y'all on wearing less makeup and wearing more casual clothes. I'm doing both. I do realize, however, that we need to try to dress up a little, as well as still be presentable (and dressed to shoes) in order to feel our best. This helps us keep our routines and not be lazy all day.
    I actually did root touch-up to cover the grays last night. Not bad, yet not like going to the hairdresser either! I'm feeling you Natasha on the cutting the hair. The back is getting too long. Oh my, when will we be closer back to "normal"?

  14. I cut the bottom back of my hair before washing today. Last month I trimmed my bangs and sides about 1/4". I wear a short pixie and usually get it cut every 4-5 weeks. Now it's been over 12 weeks. P.S. I always wear earrings, even if I know I'm not leaving the house. Today was tinted moisture, blush, brow tint, lipstick Jeans, LL Bean long sleeve tee and vest with sneakers

  15. You're doing well, tellanna!

  16. Since summer seems to have arrived, am searching out my summer wardrobe (joke) and have rejoined MSP for latest advice! Have bought very nice periwinkle blue blazer in a sale. Need a smart, well-fitting pair of white jeans - difficult to find.

  17. Welcome back Natasha! Your periwinkle blue blazer sounds like a delightful piece to have in your spring/summer wardrobe. I'm just thinking of all the fab colors you can wear it with...white is awesome, as is navy blue and raspberry (as an accent color with perhaps, white)

  18. Ugh - I wake up most every day and get in exercise clothes, but I don't always get to exercise. I plan to put a nicer shirt on, but end up cooking and cleaning and put on an older tee as not to soil my better clothes. And then I put off the make-up and shower as I still always intend to get my exercise - and before you know it its 6 pm and you have been in exercise clothes and no make-up for the day. so - the moral of the story - get the exercise done right away every day! It has been very hard to keep a routine going, and without a dedicated trip to the gym, and a time to be at work, there are too many opportunities for distractions and procrastinations. in a relatively unstructured day.

  19. Thereseh-You make a very good point. Workout and get your exercise in early while your body is still in wake-up mode. The sooner you get to your routines the better. You wait too long and you end up putting it off, and then not getting it done. Personally, I miss the gym and I can't wait to go back. It helps me keep up my exercise and it's what I miss the most. It's part of my mental health too. I feel better when I take care of my body and MOVE. Here in NC we still have another month, or so until our gyms reopen. I think we had too wait too long and I feel our mental health is suffering. When things get tough I tell myself: "This too shall pass"

  20. Back into lockdown here, and serious fashion advice recommends dressing in blankets...

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