Onesies in time of Crisis?

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  1. Since we in UK are mostly self-isolating, I was almost tempted to buy a "onesie", with furry ears, to wear at home. But I just couldn't imagine myself in it. However, there were (in the supermarket) some washable fine velvety cord "boiler suits". That might be better - more suitable to wear to answer the door, if anyone should knock - delivery person. I know that MSP and FlyLady would say we must keep up our morale!

  1. I know people who love onesies! Not my thing, but I'm definitely leaning, even more than usual, towards super-comfortable clothing. That's partly for emotional comfort and partly because I'm working from home full-time right now.

  2. Yes, I decided against the needlecord boiler suit, too, because of the sleeves. I thought they would feel too restricting. Soft clothing feels better for me, at this time. Stay safe everyone, and take the UTMOST care, even more than you are advised to.

  3. I am sticking to routine, getting dressed to (nearly) shoes, wearing my most comfortable but presentable, company-ready clothes, doing hair, touch of make-up. If you can't look good for your closest loved ones....especially these days...tnen who? And if home alone, have to dress ready to accept those video calls. Looking cute will help cheer others. Take cate, and keep well, MSP friends.

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