Do Jeans lose their shape?

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  1. Wondering if I need to buy smaller jeans, or do jeans in modern materials just lose their shape? Mine won't stay up round my waist. They are cotton and polyester. Didn't think polyester stretched like that. Probably 2 years old. Doubting whether a smaller size would fit, but will have to try. Oh dear.

  1. Heading probably should be "Do Jeans Go Baggy?"

  2. The label says: 61% cotton, 26% polyester, 12% viscose, 2% elastane. They have never been tumble-dried.

  3. I have repeatedly had problems with many brands of jeans, at all price points. They usually start to grow after wearing them half a day. Meaning that the time you spent looking for that perfect fit is not the answer. I have even purchased the same jeans in a different shade and found them to fit different. I especially have a problem with the butt starting to sag. If you have worn and laundered your jeans and the only problem is the waist I would spend the money to have them professionally altered. In my area, it is a $10 fix. Better than going on the hunt for another pair.

  4. Good idea. I thought they wouldn't alter jeans. But I could take the waist in myself, unprofessionally! As it would be covered up by my tops it's worth a try. Expensive to get rid of 4 pairs of reasonable jeans which all have the same problem.

  5. Yes -- if your jeans have any stretch in them, you should buy one size down so they're a little too tight in the store, because they WILL stretch out as you wear them. I learned that the hard way. ;-)

  6. Yup, that 2% elastine will bag out. It makes the jeans more comfortable, look good for a while, but really shortens the life of jeans so we have to buy more frequently. Wonder if going to a western wear store to get the old classic jeans is a possibility. Anyone know?

  7. I found a pair of 100% cotton jeans at the Gap two or three years ago, and also 100% cotton khakis.

  8. I agree, the elastic in the modern fabrics makes the jeans comfy and fit well...until it doesn't! When they get old, I can see a seersucker-like ripple in the more stretched areas. And I launder them carefully. All I can add is that I wear belts, even though I would rather not, as it adds an extra (hot) layer.

  9. Yes, Catwomanbert, belts hold up the jeans, but the buckle looks lumpy under some tops. There's an opportunity for someone to make belts that aren't lumpy at the front. :) Schoolboy elastic belts with the snake fastening might work.

  10. I agree, Natasha! Belts + longer fitted tops don't work well together. I'd buy a smooth-fronted belt!

  11. I've just searched online and found that adjustable elastic belts with metal snake / ring clasp are available, for adults as well as children. Also elastic belts with a flat plastic front clasp (not so keen on those). And there are belts without any front fastening - seem to go through the side loops of jeans, and round the back.

  12. There is a belt called Invisibelt, which has the smooth closure in front.

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