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  1. "Write down all the different occasions you have during a given week—be it work, parties, dinners with friends or family, lounging, special occasions, the gym, and so on." Love this mission. I had to do this when I retired, to see what types of clothes I needed for a new life-style. It was very insightful.

  1. Does it mean do it every week? Some weeks are more exciting than others... Or, I suppose, it means estimate all the exciting and unexciting days and invent outfits for those.

  2. I imagine it means to sit down this week and write down the typical range of activities you have during any week, with maybe some allowance for unusual activities, if you know there's a type of event that comes up regularly but not weekly (or if you're doing something this week that is a one-time thing). The idea being to figure out what kinds of activities you need clothing for, and what you don't do (or don't do anymore), so you can get rid of any related clothing that's still in your closet. Off the top of my head, here's what I've got happening regularly in my life: office job, work-from-home days, meals at casual or dressy-casual restaurants (often on the same days I'm in the office), social dance activities, yard work, hiking and travelling, lounging at home. Once in a blue moon there's a dressy occasion (wedding, fancy concert, etc.). Until a few years ago I was in the office 5 days a week; now it's usually 3 days in and 2 days working from home, and I'm still working on finding the right balance so I have enough at-home clothing that's not just for lounging.

  3. Difficult to find at-home clothing that's really comfortable but also fit to be seen in. That must mean that I don't mind being uncomfortable when I go out... :)

  4. Natasha, I'm working on that for my business-casual wardrobe. :-) Leggings under dresses or tunics, and stretchy knit fabrics, can still look stylish while being really comfy.

  5. It means do this just once, writing down the kind of events and activities you do in your life. Then build your wardrobe on that.

  6. Good observation, Natasha, about comfortable clothing needing to also flatter our body type and going out clothing needing to be comfortable too.

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