Are You a Minimialist?

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  1. Avoid the "fast fashion" trend. Instead, be MORE stylish, yet spend less on clothing. Let's support each other as we learn what we really need in our wardrobes. Avoid the trap of spending more in order to try and be more stylish. I assure you-this is not the case. You really can look fabulous with a small core wardrobe! What are your "go-to" pieces for creating outfits? Share your tips/story...


  1. This winter, I've been relying a lot on a couple of grey cardigans (different lengths). They look great over prints or any colour top. Add a good pair of dark-wash jeans or black leggings, and I'm halfway to being dressed already. ;-)

  2. Wonderer, Sounds like your cardigans are perfect as a 3rd piece. Even a blazer added to nice denims and a button-down shirt looks chic-yet so simple! I'm with you-fewer pieces that you love makes you more stylish than a whole closet stuffed full of clothes!

  3. Yes, dark-wash jeans and various tops. Also 2 similar lightweight jersey dresses, one brown,one slate grey/blue, with cowl neck and long sleeves, to wear with boots. The dresses are so plain that when I wear them people don't realise they've seen them before, [ I think :) ] especially with a coloured scarf/necklace inside the cowl. Earrings help an outfit look put together, too. When you can't find the colours that suit you, you buy less anyway, and there are too many pattered items in the shops. Manufacturers are producing clothes we (I) don't like. Winter outfits are easier to put together than summer ones.

  4. Natasha, you are so right, manufacturers of fast fashion are making too many pieces of fad clothing, and not enough of the basics. I'm still looking for two sweaters, a classic black and a classic navy. Nothing with strange detailing or buttons, or weird bottom trim, and looking for full length sleeves. I'm finding that very hard to find.

  5. Yippee, I found a medium blue cashmere button up crew neck cardigan in the winter blow-out sales at The Bay last week. While looking, realized the muted medium blue suites my summer colour pallet better than navy. Will still be looking for a black classic cardigan.

  6. Sandy, you did well! Cashmere cardigan will look luxurious. I've been looking at my "seasonal colours" and trying to be inspired by them. Have looked at the Kettlewell Colours site, but they haven't got their new range out yet. Am thinking will get an infinity scarf or two in my good colours, and hope that does the trick. (I'm not connected with that company in any way - I just like the idea of so many colours).

  7. Congrats, Sandy!

  8. Natasha, thanks for mentioning the Kettlewell site. Lobe the way colours are grouped by season, etc.

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