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  1. OK, so what's the newest trend for holiday formal wear for a corporate party? I have one coming up and would like to shop my closet. I have an old but still elegant Ann Taylor slate blue gown, column/empire style and an embellished belt in silver and gemstones. Any other suggestions to juzzze it up? I suppose rhinestone earrings, glittery bag and blingy bracelet would work....anyone? Party is in 3 weeks. Thanks for any suggestions.

  1. Long dresses are still in fashion. Difficult to give an opinion on your dress, without an image. VERY important - does it still fit you? Try it on, with your suggested accessories, and look in the mirror. (Sorry if this seems obvious, but no use leaving it to the last minute). Check online or in the newspapers/magazines to see if there is anything too old-fashioned about the dress. If all seems well with the outfit, consider which of your glittery accessories to wear, probably not all of them. Make sure you have a flattering hairstyle and makeup to complete your look. I hope you enjoy the event.

  2. PS - Also make sure you have comfortable smart shoes to go with your evening outfit. That can't be left to the last minute, either.

  3. Dear SYSter, Your dress sounds lovely. I agree, it would be helpful to see a photo of the dress. It will help us share our opinions and help you decide if it's the dress for this corporate holiday party. I agree with the above suggestions (especially about the shoes-they should be comfortable, as you often find yourself standing chatting for most of the event).
    BTW....I plan on doing an article (possibly an eBook) on dressing for special occasions in the fall/winter!!! Stay tuned!
    Love, Leslie MSP

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