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  1. I love this week's article about coats. Took me 3 years to find my coat. Didn't know what I was looking for until stumbling upon one that had all the characteristics that Leslie described. Had no I idea I'd be buying a purple coat! Found the grey coat at Goodwill; it's not lined so I wear it during fall. The last pic is my cold weather (good to -40F) coat and all the layers required for that temperature (long underwear and top,turtleneck, under coat, over coat in a bright colour, wool scarf, touque, and lined mitts, oh and my sheepskin-lined Pajar boots. Cold weather is not too bad with the right clothes, Ha, Ha! Sorry that last photo is sideways.

  1. I returned this coat to the store. Don't know what is wrong with it, but I didn't feel comfortable in it. Maybe too tight across the chest and too wide lower down? Is this a pea coat?


  2. A pea coat was originally a navy wool double-breasted brass-buttoned hip-length coat. I see what you mean about the shape of the white coat - a waisted shape would have been nice. I bought a green and cream check wool-blend coat last year in the sale. Friend likes it, but I haven't worn it much yet. Probably will, especially if I can find a cream scarf to soften the effect. :) For comfort, I tend to wear my black quilted coat with faux-fur trimmed hood, though I'm not supposed to wear black! This weekend I noticed, in my nearest city, that nearly all the women were wearing similar black quilted coats, and trousers. Looked like 1950s Russia. We must try harder!

  3. Hi Natasha, ( nice name for a Russian look, ha, ha!) Anyway, yes, quilted coats are popular, as well as practical, pretty, and comfy. Hope that looks stays around for a long time. Your black coat sounds lovely, and probably is cut to suit your shape and proportions. Just add a scarf in your colour palate, and the look changes complettely. Enjoy your beautiful black coat.

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