High waist pants vs. short body

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  1. Need help with the trend toward high waisted pants. I am very short bodied - make up for it by having long legs! But these pants make me look like the comedic older man with the waist of his trousers up to his arm pits. If I tuck in a shirt or top it looks really odd, and if I let it blouson over the waistband that seems to defeat the whole purpose. Do I just ignore the trend and hope that next season brings something that makes more sense for my body type? Or what would be an alternative solution?

  1. You could try wearing a long open cardi over top, to give more balance. But you might be right that this trend is just not for your body. I have the opposite problem--long torso, short chunky legs, and some stomach pudge that invariably makes me look pregnant in tunics. So the tunic trend is not for me...but the high-waisted trend might be! ;-)

  2. Dear SYSter,
    This trend is NOT for your body. Ignore it. Here's another style tip for you: consider petite sized tops and jackets since your upper body is on the short side. You should find these not only fit better on you-petites look better on you! Give it a try on and let me know!
    Love, Leslie MSP

  3. Collinge, I had to wait out the low-rise trend for years and years. Was down to very few pants because I needed a high rise and they just eren't being made (I have shorter legs, longer waist). Hope you have a good supply of mid or low rise pants in your closet to wait out the high-rise trend. Or shop somewhere like French Dressing Jeans have pants of different rises: https://fdjcollection.com/fit-guide

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