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  1. Thank you for your article on accessories this week. It was just what I needed to boost my wardrobe. My work “uniform” this time of year is jeans and a t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. Depending on weather, I add a jacket, or cardigan, or vest. I thought since I was wearing a casual tee, I didn’t need accessories. How wrong I was! This week I added a scarf, silver cuff bracelet, and small hoop earrings to one outfit. I added a belt, statement necklace, and studs to another outfit. I changed it up every day. Loved the different looks- and the compliments! I do have a couple questions though. I read somewhere that a long lariat or Y necklace helps give a longer look with the vertical line. I’m only 5’1” so I’m all about the longer look. I’m also heavy (size 14), with an ample bosom. Can I wear this kind of necklace without it shouting “Look at my boobs!”? Next question. I have some very nice pins in my jewelry collection. Can I wear one on a blazer AND wear necklace? Or is that too much? Thanks a million!

  1. Dear SYSter, I LOVE hearing your story about the power of accessories! Yes, they truly are amazing (as shown in this week's article). They add so much to basic outfits-that you really don't need a large wardrobe with the addition of a clever accessory or two. I love how you explained what you wore and the accessories you added-how the accessories made your look different each day (and got you compliments).
    Based on your body type and being petite, I would avoid a long lariat or Y necklace. (you can try one on in a store and see) I think it will probably bring attention to your shorter height and bring attention to your bust. To answer your pin (brooch) question....Yes, yes, yes! Wear them. Add them to a blazer, on a cardigan, to hold a sweater closed, on a wool cap, knit cap, added to a long scarf wrapped around your neck, etc...I try to add a pin when I can because they are so under worn they bring a fun, unique look. If you wear one on a blazer-your necklace, if you wear one, should be very simple and small. One accessory needs to be the star. Hope that helps.
    Love, Leslie MSP

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