compression socks

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  1. Hi, I have had to start wearing compression socks (knee high) everyday because of vascular insufficiency. While I have a selection to wear, I never know what to wear with them except long pants. What else can I wear with them? Or should I get compression tights and wear them in fall/winter? I tend to feel dowdy in them unless they are covered by pants. Help!

  1. In fall/winter, black compression tights would look the same as any other pair of tights under a skirt or dress with a cute pair of ankle boots, or you could wear your compression socks with a knee-length skirt and riding boots. It looks like you can also get opaque footless compression tights? If that works for your medical needs, you could wear them as leggings under a tunic or long cardigan, even in the summer, and change out your footwear for sandals or athletic shoes. Good luck!

  2. I forgot to say that the leggings should be black or maybe patterned. Whether you choose leggings, tights, or even socks, black or patterned ones would look more stylish and less "medical" than skin-toned.

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