capsule dressing and adding "must haves" for a new season

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  1. I am working on capsule dressing and I LOVE IT!!! I have learned I have way too many clothes! I'm hoping that it cuts down my spending since I'll be buying things that I wear, and I don't need to have as many pieces. I was wondering when we move into a new season, and see "must haves" for the new season, are they additions to the basic capsule, or are they additional pieces? I love your service! Thank you for being there! I feel so good about myself when I can wear outfits that are comfortable, fit well, and look great!

  1. It depends. Your capsule will be all neutrals, and "must-haves" are often trendy prints or colours, or a style that will look out of date quickly, so they don't belong in a capsule wardrobe. But there are exceptions. For example, if you were looking for, say, a trench-coat to fill out your capsule, you might decide to pick one that had a trendy cut or details. Or maybe you really like the style of cardigan that's out this year, so you buy one in a neutral colour as a basic that you'll keep for many years and one in a trendy colour that you might get rid of sooner (though if it looks good on you, maybe not!).

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