I'm Autumn/Spring - get rid of Black Mac?

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  1. Hello, should I get rid of my black mac, since I have a navy one and a royal blue one? However, I still like to wear black jeans, especially in winter, and the black mac goes with those... And I also have a black quilted coat, which I was told looked good last year. Puzzled... Thinking I should give the black mac to charity shop and keep the quilted coat.

  1. If you like them and have room in your closet then keep them.

  2. Great question, Natasha. Black is very versatile because a black top and bottom makes a nice slenderizing column of a single colour. You can use accessories in your autumn/spring colours to help make your mac and quilted coat work. Review the shape and fit of the mac and coat to ensure they flatter your body type. Do you feel good when you are wearing them? If so, keep.

  3. Thanks Sandy for reminding me about wearing a flattering colour next to my face. I'm always suggesting that to other people, but I forgot it in this instance. :)

  4. I like leopard or snow leopard print accessories with black.

  5. Good idea, catwomanbert! Very Joan Collins. Or Bet Lynch...

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