Orange and yellows are not my colors but can I still wear them?

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  1. I really love the shades of orange and yellow this fall, but I’m a winter with grey hair. Should I just avoid these colors?bfc5a4

  1. You can still wear them, just be careful about where you put them! Look for scarves or tops that have a pattern with one of those colours (maybe mixed in with other colours so it's not too dominant) on a neutral background. Or try an orange or yellow skirt paired with a top in one of your neutrals or a colour that suits you better -- that's what I did this summer. I'm not a winter, but to give you an idea, I paired my yellow A-line skirt with: a light-wash chambray shirt / a charcoal grey t-shirt / a bright blue dressy tee / a red tank. Also, pay attention to the particular shades of orange and yellow, because you might find one that suits you better than others. Have fun experimenting...

  2. I agree with Wonderer. And try on some ?scarves in those colours to see if they suit you. You may also like to have a look at

  3. If a color makes you feel good and you like yourself in it, then wear it!

  4. I agree with the above, but I'm just going to admire them on the racks.

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