Increase our clothing choices by dyeing items?

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  1. I often dye items of clothing in the washing machine. Items should be cotton or viscose. You need to check the colour of the original STITCHING. Usually the thread is polyester and doesn't take up colour, so you may have WHITE stitching details, interesting or not... If the stitching is black or dark, no problem. I recently dyed a patterned dress and now it is much more muted - all the pattern is in shades of royal blue. I like it much better. You could co-ordinate your wardrobe by dyeing it - if it's made of cotton or viscose.

  1. Natasha, I love that you are sharing this idea! It's a great idea often overlooked. While dyeing clothes can be messy, it can bring life to a garment you love in a new way!
    It would be nice to see a photo of your blue dress that you dyed! Can you post a photo? Q: has anyone else had success with dyeing their clothes? Since this week's topis is Blue Jeans-what a perfect item to dye (or bleach) to change the way it looks!

  2. Thank you MSP. The dress I dyed is the one I bought in the sale, with parrots on it. I don't have a phone that takes photos but I'll ask a friend...

  3. I used Dylon Washing Machine Dye.

  4. We have used Rit black and dark blue dye to make stains, wear, etc less noticeable on jeans. We also tie-dyed a bunch of our old t shirts...we can paint and work on cars with peace and love! I love the idea of dying a garment to mute the color and pull it more toward your season.

  5. There are omens that I may soon(-ish get a phone that takes photos! And will sned a photo of the patterned maxi I dyed blue.

  6. Sorry about the typos! Must be too late in the evening here.

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