Help, dressing with a colonostomy pouch

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  1. I am short, under 5 feet, and recently had part of my colon removed the pouches are a blesding but hang down below my petite and even regular size shirts. I am an E and don't wear skirts or dresses. Pants are my thing. Are tunics too long. What may I wear to my grand daughters wedding? Help.

  1. Tunics are a great idea for adapting to your new reality! Because you're petite, you'll need to choose the length carefully and make sure the sleeves aren't too long for your arms (get them tailored if necessary). You might need to try on a variety of lengths and cuts while looking in a full-length mirror to see what looks most proportional on your body. Your best style will be something semi-fitted that won't overwhelm your height with tons of fabric but will fall nicely over your curves (and pouch). For length, no more than mid-thigh, maybe a couple inches shorter. And don't forget about choosing leggings--pick ones that come all the way to your anklebone, so they don't visually cut off your legs. For the wedding, I bet you can find a very elegant tunic in a nicer fabric with some lovely embroidery or other detail (or a fancy neckline that shows off your jewelry). Best of luck!

  2. I agree with Wonderer's advice. And bring the attention upwards to your face, with earrings or necklace, nice hairdo and a touch of lipstick (if you wish. Have a lovely time at the wedding!

  3. What about a maxi dress even though you don't usually wear dresses?

  4. That's a good idea, LilyApril, and it would be comfortable. Petite ranges may have something suitable for Skinnyminnie.

  5. I can picture you in a luxe fabric tunic, pants, and big scarf or sari, maybe jewel toned, an exotic print, tapestry or embroidery, with chandelier earrings and satin ballet flats. Actually I can picture me in that, too.

  6. Sounds good. Put on the razzle dazzle. I've just seen the new film "Judy" - about Judy Garland. The costumes were as you described, catwomanbert.

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