What are you excited to wear this fall?

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  1. Yes, it is still summer, but we are all really looking forward to September. The change in weather, and new fall clothes seems so appealing this time of year when you are dripping in sweat.
    What are you excited to wear this fall? How about a cape. I think a fall/winter cape would look fabulous. It's my top pick for this fall season. What do you look forward to wearing in cooler weather? Please share!


  1. I'm in Australia so fall/autumn is still many months away but I'm really excited to see the cape trend. It's something I've liked for a couple of years now but there hasn't been many available in stores near me. I bought a cashmere poncho recently that I'd been looking for so that's my nod to this trend for 2019. Next year I'd like a proper winter cape in a longer style and heavier fabric.

  2. I had a pair of ankle boots that I wore constantly....no heel, but still chic enough to wear to work, and looked good with both skirts and pants. They're falling apart and I need to take them to a shoe repair place in the hopes of not needing to shop for a replacement!

  3. A cashmere poncho, not too long, is what I've been looking for too, LizaFromOz. I didn't know capes were forecast for fall/autumn. Not sure what I think of capes. There used to be an advertisement for Scottish Widows Insurance, which featured a woman sweeping around in a long black velvet cloak. Looking forward to wearing my boots, long and short, again. Maybe a faux-fur tippet?

  4. PS - have just searched internet - and there are some lovely capes. Some almost as lovely as cloaks. There's a printed velvet long one - but where to wear it? Maybe a trip to Venice would be necessary.

  5. I have a winter white fleece cape from pregnancy days...29 years ago. Still looks pretty good, but I only wear it a few days a year. Always get compliments!

  6. SYSters, It sounds like there is going to be a lot of capes and sweater ponchos this fall! Sounds like a chic, stylish fall is ahead!

  7. Catwomanbert - that cape was a good investment!

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