hair color change effecting clothes

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  1. I am a 60 something, rural, non makeup wearing woman who has been a member for some years now. As someone who just never understood the way clothes work, your guidance has been very helpful. A recent post really hit home, and Im trying to figure out how to work with it. My hair is a nice light shiny grey, I don't color it anymore. But when you said that the color value of clothes should match your color values, I understood why I had trouble with some outfits that fit well, suited my not slender body well, but were just kind of off. Dark colors overwhelm my light head. Those 'all one color to make you look more height weight proportional' outfits? Mine are all really dark! I look like a (very round) black pencil with a white eraser. I have a decent scarf collection, mostly dark saturated color,s and I wear scarves all winter. I thought I might start with getting lighter colored scarves to have around my face. Any tips on where to start?

  1. Nancy, I love your humorous writing! Now is a good time to buy some pretty light scarves in the summer sale racks! What is your color season?

  2. If you were a Winter in coloring (high contrast) go to the shades suggested for Summer. (Autumn for Spring). Instead of black go for a soeft gray, etc.

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