Stinky Sneakers? Try this...

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  1. Dear MSP SYSters,

    I recently shared this handy tip on the MSP Facebook page. I often share quick tips for dressing, etc. regularly on the MSP group Facebook page. I forget to post things here. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this space and use it to chat and support one another on your style journeys.

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    Here's the tip. In the summer months our sneakers can get pretty stinky! Here's how to keep them fresh...put a clean tea bag in them at the end of the day! Works like a charm.

    Q: Do you have any clothing related tips to share with the group? If so, let them rip!

    Love, Leslie MSP


  1. Good idea. Also could use bicarbonate of soda in the empty sneakers. Is it called baking soda where you are?

  2. Yes, baking soda would do the same thing. How would you contain the baking soda so it doesn't make a mess in your shoes? In a piece of fabric?

  3. Assuming we are talking about rubber soled sneakers / trainers. I would just sprinkle it into the sneakers. Then next day shake it out and give the sneaker soles a thump on an outside wall or path to remove the excess, and shake again. Not recommending anyone does that to their Louboutins or Jimmy Choos!

  4. Got it! Thanks Natasha for clarifying. That makes sense :)

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