Template ideas for business casual laboratory

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  1. Hi everyone. I have a VERY restrctive work dress code and therefore wear the same thing everyday—slacks, tee, cardigan. We are cusiness casual, but because its a lab we have to wear pants/leggings covered all the way to toe (no crops) and its a constant 68 degrees. The slacks/tee/cardi combo works but feels boring after a while. Anyone have an idea on a different template to shake things up?

  1. Ooh, that's a good challenge! I'm assuming skirts aren't allowed even with leggings? Are longer cardigans and tunics also out for safety reasons? How about a light sweater (pullover style, not a cardi)? A merino crew-neck sweater would provide good coverage without being too warm or bulky. Within the slacks/tee/cardigan combo, you could mix it up by incorporating patterns, trying different fits in pants (wide-leg, skinny), or different kinds of shirts like a drape-neck top or a button-down shirt. I've also seen lightweight open vests in stores, although most of them seem to be very long (knee-length); I made my own hip-length vest a few years ago by cutting the sleeves off a utility jacket. (I initially did it for dressing up as a character from the TV show Firefly, but I now use the vest in my regular fall wardrobe!)

  2. Do you wear a lab coat, and are you working with things that can mess up your clothes, such as acids, bases, dyes, solvents, etc?

  3. First let me say I envy you, as where I live it is too hot to layer, and I miss it! Try these suggestions: Sweater twinset in your very best color with an amazing statement necklace or brooch; a knit blazer, buttondown shirt with an ascot scarf held with a pin; thick knit turtleneck and long bead necklace with stretchy lounge pants in a crazy print, if you can disguise them so they don't look like pajamas; ethnic pieces from catalogues (Smithsonian, National Geographic) that look like you picked them up in travels to Asia, Africa or South America; Funky little hats, chunky bangles; hair clip, barrette or snood. Shop in consignment stores, Boho boutiques, and Etsy for unique, vintage, or handmade items (1960's Pucci prints, handcrocheted fingerless gloves, jewelry crafted with rough genuine gemstones). If you find something fabulous, remember that it can sneak in to the workplace when mixed with your basics. Have fun shopping!

  4. Thank you for all the great suggestions. I hooe I can get a little more creative now! I do have a lab coat and technically do work with things that could eat my clothes, so I have to watch the price point, but luckily I have never ruined anything.

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