Your favourite summer item of clothing

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  1. What's your favourite summer item of clothing? Old or new. I've just replaced my white jeans, which always make me feel summery. Had given away my old ones. Also needing some medium heel summer shoes, preferably with toes in.

  1. An aqua and pink madras plaid cotton sundress. Went everywhere!

  2. A flowy white skirt! I had a mermaid-cut skirt that I wore for years; the skirt I have now is an A-line that hits just below the knees. Not quite warm enough here yet to wear skirts without tights, though, so my full summer wardrobe hasn't come out yet.

  3. I had put my "summer wardrobe" into vacuum-pack bags last year. First time ever. They look very squashed now, obviously.

  4. A bright colored dress!

  5. Yes, a bright dress! How bright and how patterned shall we go?

  6. How bright? Very bright!


  7. Ooh, I love those! Bright patterned dresses (and skirts) are high up on my list, too. My most recent purchase is a midi skirt in marigold yellow with a pattern of black leaves. So far I've worn it with an aqua blue dressy tee. Looking forward to trying it with a white blouse, a chambray top, and...?

  8. Great question! My favorite summer item is a pull on (elastic waist) floral print skirt. It's nice (and cool feeling) to wear a skirt instead of capris or shorts all the time. I think I might need to look for another one since I've had this one for several seasons.

  9. Here is a skirt from Loft I'm considering. What do you think?

  10. It is from


  11. Oh, so pretty! Retro print, modern cut...I'd say go for it.

  12. Yes, go for the Loft skirt. Retro-ish as wonderer says, reminds me of the film "Carousel" but not so bouffant as in those days. Loving all the bright summer dresses and skirts from cwbert and wonderer. I haven't a flowery dress at the moment. I have some maxis, hardly worn except in heatwaves (one moss green with pattern, one orange crinkly cheesecloth casual type, one plain black. None of them suitable for me to wear without some sort of sleeves. I've just dyed two bloused bright red in the washing machine and they look very cheery. May sew myself a flowery dress? Hmmmmmm?

  13. Dyed two blouses, not two bloused. (!)

  14. I've just had a look at the costumes in "Carousel". They weren't as I imagined. But they had sleeves. Yippee!

  15. Resurrecting this thread to tell you about my new favourite item of clothing: olive-colored wide-legged linen pants. They hit just at the ankle, so they don't cut off my legs the way capris and cropped pants do, but they're beautifully light and cool. I wear them with tucked-in tops; haven't figured out yet how to add a cardi or jacket and have the proportions look right. So far I've worn them at least five different ways: basic white short-sleeved blouse, white/blue striped v-neck tee, navy/white striped tank, red shell, and today I have on a floral shell with olive, pink, and blue on a cream background. Looking forward to pairing them with charcoal and...whatever we're calling burgundy/wine this season. ;-) (I was in a store the other week and judging by the fall items they were starting to get in, burgundy is going to be big!)

  16. The olive-coloured linen pants will be very useful, Wonderer. I would think a waist-length (cropped) cardi or jacket would be the way to balance the proportions. As we're having an unprecedented heatwave I've bought some maxi-dresses in the sales. Today I'm wearing an orange maxi, with a floral 3/4 sleeve blouse in floral (with some red and green on white background) and a gold-ish leather belt. I've bought a "mad" maxi shirt dress with sleeve and collar - tropical patterned with parrots! Thinking I'll wear it to London tomorrow! Never worn anything so mad before!

  17. Wow, wild and fun! Hope you enjoy wearing it. :-) As for the jacket, that's what I was thinking too, but I don't seem to have just the right one. Will keep trying. Maybe my cropped white denim jacket will work...

  18. Re cropped jackets etc: I've noticed (in the shops) some linen/ denim jackets that have been cut off at the bottom and left unhemmed. Fashion statement. :) If you can't find the jacket you want, maybe you could shorten a thick linen shirt to make a lightweight jacket in the length you want. (You could hem the bottom though, if you like).

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