How to Brighten up Dark Neutrals

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  1. Spring is here, and I'm trying to wear brighter colors, Many of the neutral colors (black, blue, gray) are easy to add brighter colors. But what about chocolate brown? Anyone have suggestions on what would be good? All the colors I have to wear with brown are dark. Thanks Renee

  1. Hi Renee, I think pale peach/apricot/ salmon would be good. Also light turquoise/ mint. Cream (another neutral, I know). Red?

  2. And jade green?

  3. Agree with the above, also pink, pale yellow, gold, lilac, light blue, chartreuse, orange...wait, are you a spring, autumn or summer?

  4. Brown goes nicely with anything in the turquoise/aqua/mint spectrum, and even into light blue and light green. And yes, pink/salmon/orange depending on your colour season. Cream or tan for neutrals.

  5. I'm a summer/spring. Thanks so much. A lot of these colors will work perfectly.

  6. hmmm

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