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  1. Hi, I'm really struggling with the style articles. I'm registered as an E simply because it was the only one offering advice for plus size but the clothing listed really really doesn't suit me. I have a small chest, chunky legs but I've got a waist and I find the advice a bit one size fits all for plus. I'm struggling to find comparable clothing in UK and the things that I might invest in buying from the states - like the jacket from this week etc either don't come in my size and or the cost including shipping to where I live would blow my clothing budget for the year! Have you any suggestions?

  1. Hello Suzanne Have you looked in British Home Stores (BHS)? I often find that very similar items to those on MSP are to be found there. You can order on-line as well as visiting the shops. Wallis and Dorothy Perkins are available in BHS now. Also Evans is very good. Then Debenhams and House of Fraser, Marks and Spencer also are available on-line. Some of them give free returns if the item isn't suitable. Good luck with your searches. Natty

  2. Suzanne, I think you may have been misled by the illustrations. You are a Delightful D! This is a plus-sized body type, but the opposite of E -- smaller upper body, fuller on the bottom. (I am a classic hourglass-to-apple E, but my mom is a D so am familiar with this one). I'm pretty sure you can change your body type for free as long as your subscription is still active. Be encouraged: there is a reason you have been struggling, and it isn't you! The D profile should be just the ticket.

  3. I agree. I'm a plus-size and I'm a D. I have a waist and chunky legs myself. I'm sure you'll look much better in outfits from D, and as others say, if you ask they'll switch it for you.

  4. i've been i'd as a "C", but wonder if i am more of "D". My bust size is fairly small, I have a s defined waist (pretty much) and am full in hips and a little full in legs. Does i.d. go by measurements? thanks

  5. nano, the D profile is basically the plus-size version of a C. They both are fuller on the bottom than the top. When you look at yourself straight on in the mirror, the width of your shoulders is smaller than the width of your hips. Hope that makes sense.

  6. that would make more sense as I really couldn't see myself wearing much from the E collection, will look into changing. Dorothy Perkins Wallis don't go up to my size and Evans clothes are a terrible fit on me without major alterations due to my being a B cup (on a good day). At the moment most of my clothing comes from Asda/Wallmart as it's the only place I can get a decent fit - strange times! I think now that I know that I'm on the wrong selection it might make a difference so will try again! thank you for your help everyone.

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