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  1. Really enjoy the bathing suit issue, Leslie. And thanks for mentioning the sarong-style bathing suit. I didn't know there was a name for the style of bathing suit with a little "skirt" just in the front. That's not me in the photo! :-)


  1. I've noticed a much greater variety of styles of swimsuit in the shops this year. Looks like there's something for every shape.

  2. Shirring is my friend!

  3. Shirring - I had an orange swimsuit, shirred all over, when I was a child. I wasn't fond of it...

  4. LOL current suit is a magenta maillot with shirring from bust to hip. 30 pounds ago I wore a bright yellow bikini, including when 5 months pregnant. It had been my sister-in-law's favorite, and she taught me to swim in it when I was 12 or 13; good memories.

  5. A sarong style and shirring are both good options with swimwear. I just purchased a 2 piece. It is black (not my first color choice, but I do like it). The bottom has a high-waist with cut outs at the hips. The top is a typical bikini type top. Maybe I'll be brave enough to "model" it...LOL! (yes, I'm scared at the idea-even though I plan to wear it at the pool in front of everyone)

  6. I don't like to show my legs. I take warfarin & have a lot of bruising. Plus very large thighs. I found two solutions at Swimsuits for All. A skirted capri swim pant to wear with a swim top or swim tee & swim pants that can be worn under a swimsuit. Very comfortable & no wedgies during water aerobics!

  7. That sounds interesting.

  8. I like the idea of the 1890s swimwear, with long bloomers and a mob cap. I expect they will return, to suit the climate change.

  9. I like the idea of the 1890s swimwear, with long bloomers and a mob cap. I expect they will return, to suit the climate change.

  10. I agree with Daymom57. There are so many options for swimwear! I love Swimsuits for All, it's a fab website and I recommend looking there for your swim/sun options. If you want to stay covered, yet get out to the pool or lake consider swim capris or shorts, as well as long-sleeved rash guard tops. I have purchased swim capris and shorts, and a rash guard top from Here is a photo of the swim shorts I wear when teaching an aqua class...


  11. Swim capris sound like a good idea.

  12. I'm sad to read all this self-consciousness about our bodies. Covering up for the sun is one thing, but feeling that some parts of ourselves are better hidden is something altogether different. If anyone's reading this and wondering whether to try a bikini...go for it! I bought and wore two different ones for the first time on a sun vacation a few years was scary but ultimately liberating. (I definitely have areas of my body that I don't love, and I tried on lots of different bikini styles to find the ones I found most flattering.) If in doubt, remember that everyone else at the beach is probably worrying about their own bodies instead of judging yours... ;-)

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