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  1. I have a question about ankle pants. I see them listed on shopping Sites anywhere from 24 to 28 inch inseam. What would be considered the proper length, or where should they hit on the leg? Thanks.

  1. Well, there are so many fashionable lengths now. If you mean traditional trouser/pant length, you would need to measure your inside leg length, to the spot where you want the hem. You need to know whether you would wear them with flat shoes, low heels, high heels, as each would need a different length (preferably).

  2. Ankle pants should generally hit around the ankle bone, so you'd have to measure as natasha describes to find how long that is on your body. You may also want to try experimenting to find your most flattering length. (Personally, I find ankle pants to be much more flattering on me than any type of capris.)

  3. I need a pair of pants to finish my travel packing. There are so many ankle/cropped pants available. But, I wonder if they go with my thick-soled travel shoes (for all-day walking/hiking)(Mephistos Originals). Is it true that ankle pants are generally worn with either an ankle boot, runner-style shoe with hidden toe-socks, or sandals? Would my heavier shoe require a full length straight or boot-cut?


  4. I would say yes, but I'm curious as to whether others have a different opinion!

  5. Probably best to try some on with your walking/hiking shoes, to see if they look right. I imagined that ankle pants/trousers would be worn with ballerina flats. Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong sort of ankle pants. :) Thinking Audrey Hepburn.

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