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  1. So, we had a house fire. Nothing with a heartbeat is hurt - no people or animals. Buuut - everything in our bedrooms is a loss - including my wardrobe. (Please EVERYONE check your fire alarms, don't be caught unawares if a neighbor has a fire and spreads to your roof due to wind or old buildings without firewalls!) So since that is not how I would want to do a closet purge, but got one anyways - back to basics. So how many bras and panties and socks and such does a girl really need? What types do you all recommend? (I' an E, if that matters). Please, help me build from the absolute ground up the shopping list of needful things for my basics (fortunately MSP already has that covered for what goes on the outside, but not for the underneath!)

  1. So sorry to hear about you having to deal with a house fire, GlosengerA. That is a very good question! Bras: buy beige because it is discrete under any coloured top; 2 regular, and one that converts into regular/halter/strapless if you need that; also one black. Panties: again mainly beige; 2 shape-wear in synthetic material, 5 beige cotton blend to breathe in hot weather, 1 black to match your black bra. Socks: depends on your body type. I am long waisted, short legged, so want my socks to match my pants, 2 pear in each colour pants I wear all the time, 1 pear each in pants worn less frequently. Also 4 pair socks to go with shorts/casual skirts (I like white below-ankle socks that barely or don't peak out of cute runners.) I have 3 pairs of winter knee-high socks for living in a cold climate; if you're in a warmer climate, you might need more ankle socks. Look forward to hearing what others suggest.....

  2. Sorry to hear about the fire. That's tough love wardrobe change the hard way. I think the correct answer, has been for me, is your budget of course. But also how much time you have to do laundry to keep what you have clean for climate and activities you have. The practical answer is beige color underwear to not show under things. If you need a bit of cheer that perhaps only you know about, go for something you really like. Sometimes that really helps you feel better to face things. Good luck.

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