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  1. Hello MissusSmartyPants followers. I was looking through photos of clothes I didn't buy, and ame across a picture that was part of an incident that convinced me that the subscription of MissusSmartyPants was worth it. I was really wanting to support this local business, so tried on this top/dress or whatever it is. Both the salesperson and a fellow customer thought that when I tried this on it looked great. I didn't buy that outfit, but instead got this plain blue one. Was I afraid to not buy something with pizzazz? Opinions please.


  1. Hi Sandy! I think you're absolutely right. The pattern on that top is too strong for your colouring. It might work if the contrast were a little gentler (white and blue, maybe, or black and light grey?). If you want to "spiff up" the navy top, add a statement accessory -- necklace, earrings, bracelet, or even a scarf with a strong pattern like that other top! (I have the exact same issue with patterns... :-) )

  2. Sandy, Please read what other MSP SYSters are saying about your shopping experience and "advice" from a salesperson:

  3. Ha, Ha, Leslie, the comments on FB were a great read! The cropped jeans weren't meant to be part of the outfit. I had just tried the dress on to see what would happen; and it was so hilarious I just had to take a picture.

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