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  1. I'm finding the recommendations for my body type "C" to be not good because I have short legs that are also weirdly shaped with thick knees and varicose veins. I would get the veins removed but I'd still have short,thick, weird shaped legs. I am not overweight, I have a 27" waist. Anyone else out there with this issue? What have you found that works for you?

  1. Concentrate on your good elements and use the Colours that suit you. Have a flattering hairstyle. Bring the attention to the top half of your body with accessories such as belt, earrings or necklace, or scarf. In winter, you could wear trousers, or a skirt with boots or opaque tights. In summer, lightweight trousers are fashionable or midi skirts or dresses. Stay cheerful. People are looking at themselves, not judging you and your knees.

  2. Hi, I'm a fellow C with short chunky legs! I agree with natasha's advice. In addition, you may find it helpful to wear skirts that hit at the knee (or the ankle for a maxi skirt), rather than anywhere else, for the best balance. Opaque tights and leggings are a stylish way to cover up in cooler weather. Longer tops and tunics are tricky because they may make your legs look shorter--best to wear a belt to visually raise your waistline, or wear a longer open cardigan. For boots, choose ones that match your pants/tights/leggings for a longer visual line. For pants, you may need to experiment with different cuts--my current favourites are skinny or mini-bootcut, and definitely no capris. MSP also has a blog post on dressing long vs. short torsos: Good luck!

  3. Midi length dresses and crop pants/capris definitely don't suit me. Skirts that hit at the knee are ok but dark opaque tights with them just doesn't work with my fair skin and blonde hair. Maybe I need to follow Princess Kate's lead and just wear nice nude pantyhose. I've been on the lookout for just the right maxi dress. I'm only 5'2" so it needs to come in petite size. The trick is finding one that's neither matronly nor little girlish. I have often heard the advice to wear pointed shoes to make your legs appear longer, but I have wide feet so my shoes end up making my feet look longer than my calves. I do always avoid any contrast between my shoes and my pants or tights.

  4. I have similar colouring (fair skin and strawberry blonde hair) and find that black tights work fine for me if the dress or skirt is in my colours / not too dark. But I often use charcoal grey or navy as my dark neutrals instead because I find them less harsh on me--maybe one of those would work for you?

  5. I think black opaque tights could suit anyone. However, opaque tights are available in other colours too. As regards midi length (for skirts/dresses), this seems to often be used to describe knee length, whereas it used to be half way down the calf.

  6. Natasha, is that right?? I also think of midi length to be half way down the calf!

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