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  1. Really learned a lot from this week's article. The wrong Colour-Contrast explains a lot of my unsuccessful purchases. I always seem to put together an outfit with too much going on. Now I realize I require a low-contrast outfit, or maybe a bit medium, but that's all. Wearing a single colour top and bottom works for me, but I'm not sure if that's about contrast, or balancng body proportions. Probably a bit of both. I love the look of a high contrast outfit, but now realiz I'm to enjoy that look on others, especially my friend with a winter colour palate. Anyone else have a big ah-ah moment from this week's article?

  1. Sandy, I love hearing this! It really makes a difference when you use this valuable information from this article and focus it on yourself. I too am low contrast and oogle at my friends that can wear bright colors. However, perhaps they are doing the same with me when I'm wearing colors they can not? Just something to think about ;)
    Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Way to go, Sandy! I do best with low-to-medium-contrast outfits, which can be a tricky balance sometimes...I've definitely gone too far in both directions before. (No pastels for me!)

  3. This article really helped me too. I've come to the conclusion that I am a medium contrast person so I'll try to put together more outfits with this in mind. Too little contrast makes me look bland and too high a contrast looks garish and washes me out. I'm happy to have more of an understanding about why this is now. Thanks Leslie.

  4. LisaFromOz...That's nice to know you found it helpful :) You will save a lot of money by staying in the right color contrast for your natural coloring. It will also make you look your best-as you have found out from trial and error. Now, you know why and what your best is.
    Love, Leslie MSP

  5. I found the color contrast article really insightful - something of a paradigm shift, and explained a lot to me about my color choices. (I'm a dark summer) Sometimes I really crave wearing bold colors, and I realized perhaps it's ok, so long as a lot of thought is put into what shade the bolder color is? Blue, for example, is a winner for me personally. Sometimes I wonder if I'm cheating on my seasonal colors, but the flood of compliments I get when wearing these bolder shades and the joy I have wearing the colors is, I think, an indicator that perhaps I'm finding my own personal style. MPS's emphasis on wearing a smile is so encouraging! Because the article addressed the contrast between one's own color contrast, and matching clothing contrast with your personal contrast, that made so much sense why I steer away from light colored, low contrast clothing. To me, if I want "low contrast", I'll pair a medium gray top with slightly darker medium gray trousers, add a completer piece and some accessories, and call it an outfit. Now I know why that is my pick for "low contrast". Thanks so much!

  6. I've requested the article be sent to me. I'm still digesting the fact that I'm not a Winter anymore, and Leslie has pronounced me a Summer! It's great though. I've recently lost weight so I'm re-building my wardrobe. With the right colors I'm feeling really pretty now! I can't wait to devour some more helpful information so I can make even better informed decisions when I'm shopping.

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