This Week's Article about Colour-Contrast

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  1. Really learned a lot from this week's article. The wrong Colour-Contrast explains a lot of my unsuccessful purchases. I always seem to put together an outfit with too much going on. Now I realize I require a low-contrast outfit, or maybe a bit medium, but that's all. Wearing a single colour top and bottom works for me, but I'm not sure if that's about contrast, or balancng body proportions. Probably a bit of both. I love the look of a high contrast outfit, but now realiz I'm to enjoy that look on others, especially my friend with a winter colour palate. Anyone else have a big ah-ah moment from this week's article?

  1. Sandy, I love hearing this! It really makes a difference when you use this valuable information from this article and focus it on yourself. I too am low contrast and oogle at my friends that can wear bright colors. However, perhaps they are doing the same with me when I'm wearing colors they can not? Just something to think about ;)
    Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Way to go, Sandy! I do best with low-to-medium-contrast outfits, which can be a tricky balance sometimes...I've definitely gone too far in both directions before. (No pastels for me!)

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