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  1. I am a type B but I have a poochy belly. some of the suggested items don't look as good on me. also, the pictures shown of models do not look anything like my body type. can we see normal every day women modeling the clothes? I am working on my belly, some days are less poochy, but I have tried the suggestions and they just don't look good. Pam J

  1. Pam, I'm a C but I feel your pain! I've found that the length and cut of what I wear makes a big difference. Some dresses really make me look pregnant, others really don't (best style is fit-and-flare). Tunics are out unless they flare over the hips. Skirts are best in heavier, less stretchy fabrics, and/or A-line cuts. With tops, if they're very fitted they work best with skirts, otherwise a semi-fitted or looser style is better. A long cardigan makes a nice topper, especially if belted at the waist (you may need to try several belt widths). You might find that MSP's suggestions need to be adapted for your body--once you figure out how to translate her tips, they can be a very helpful starting point. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Very helpful

  3. I agree with Wonderer's advice. And you could disguise the area with dark, matte fabric. Shiny and/or light-coloured fabric would emphasise.

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