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  1. Just read the "Core wardrobe/what to buy in January" article. I finally found a (new-to-me) medium blue & flecked staple cardigan, buttoned, and fitted in at the waist. It fits with the plan for a type B body, and summer colour palate. I was hanging onto 3 other sweaters that weren't quite right, but feel good about giving them away now that I have the correct core sweater piece. The ones I gave away are 1. a cream heavy cardigan that goes too low and cuts my body in half; 2. a moss green sweater, correct shape and colour but made of itchy wool; and 3. a brown bomber style sweater that is the right shade of brown but the bomber shape bubbles through the waist which isn't quite right for a B body. Yay for finding the right piece for my core wardrobe! Thank you,Missus SmartyPants, for such a timely article.

  1. I found a grey/white patterned sweatshirt material sweater, and I am very happy with the way it looks on me. it is longer. last year I had bought a moto type in a great reddish color but I am thick through the middle and it doesn't look as good as I would like, (I only spent $9 on it) so I wont feel terrible if I give it to good will. thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome! This is such a good time to buy new basics for your wardrobe. It's always smart to let go of what is not flattering on. Sandy your blue cardigan sounds wonderful! I'm sure you will wear it frequently. Pamela something in sweatshirt fabric sounds soft and cozy. There's nothing better than looking in the mirror and knowing what works for your body type. Style confidence rocks!

  3. Pamela, speaking of inexpensive purchases: Sometimes there are shapes or lengths that Missus Smartypants suggests for my body type that I just don't understand. I purchase an inexpensive version at Goodwill, then live with it for a while to learn why it works or not. I've kept so many of these purchases and they have become my go-to pieces, Ha, Ha!

  4. Hi Sandy, yes, if we look after our inexpensive purchases as if they were expensive, they can last a long time, being useful and loved.

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