RE: 11-29-18 Know Your Numbers: Dressing Long & Short Torsos

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  1. Concerning the new Blog: 11-29-18 Know Your Numbers: Dressing Long & Short Torsos, What is the definition of a long/short Torso? How do I know which I have, if any? Once I have my measurements, what do I determine from them? I was about 17 " on all of my measurements!

  1. Christine, Thanks for your question. It sounds like you are balanced.
    However, if you are still not's another way to tell if you are long or short in the torso. Place both hands under your bust. If both hands come right to your navel-you are balanced in the torso. If your navel falls well below your two hands-you are long waisted.
    Does this help? SYSters let me know if you need a video showing this. Thanks! Leslie MSP

  2. Yes, a video would be helpful. My measurements are 17, 14, 14, 18, which in total adds to 63 inches, and I'm 5'3, so that makes sense. I have always thought that I was short-waisted... yes or no? What do the other numbers tell you? When I put my hands together under my bust, they come right to my navel...more details--inquiring minds want to know... Also, could you review how to measure for clothing without trying it on?

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