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  1. I am interested in seeing how Systers are accessorizing their outfits with shoes, handbags, scarves, layering, and jewelry. If you received compliments on a given day, take a photo so we can see, and you can remember what worked, and say why you think it worked. Here is a photo of what I wore on Thanksgiving Day (I live in a warm climate, so that I why I am wearing a sleeveless dress). I carried a red purse. I think it worked because the black dress was a basic neutral color that paired well with multi-colored scarf, earrings and bracelet. The B&W hounds tooth leggings are a little bold, but so are the long dangling earrings, so they balanced each other. Pairing two rather bold prints, one black and white hounds tooth, and the other bright multi color in the scarf was a little daring, but I think it worked because they were similar in scale, were not right next to each other, the multi-hued print included both black and white, and the print patterns were arranged in stripes. I chose the earrings and cuff bracelet because the colors repeated those in the patterned scarf.


  1. Fashion is very interesting but you make it even more fun with your styles! Sometimes I wish I worked in office to have an excuse to wear flux with the vintage patterns look cute all the time

  2. I agree with you, Patricia. Fashion is interesting and fun too. But I know there are occupations where workers' clothing is purely functional and there is no place for fashion whatsoever, so I hear you. Perhaps that is your situation, but you can still have fashion fun accessorizing the clothing you wear for social functions, be they dress up or dress down. I'm a senior, so I have had plenty of time to collect scarves, fashion jewelry over the years, and just lately a more extensive shoe wardrobe and a few better quality purses. And with MissusSmartyPants' helpful instructions and encouragement I'm getting better at putting outfits together. I don't let going to/doing mundane events/things prevent me from dressing my best. Here is a recent outfit: the shirt (gray glen plaid with stripe of red and green) I have had for a long time, is by Foxcroft (finally started wearing it after I added shaping darts--thank you MSP for encouraging me to alter clothes to fit properly!) The belt is one of the first things I bought at Chico's when I discovered the store for the first time in 2002; earrings and bracelet, also from Chico's purchased just this year; have had the vest for a while (Khols). The occasion: going to the beauty salon to get my eyebrows shaped. I carried my red Coach purse (not pictured).


  3. Hi Karen, I particularly like your second outfit. It looks very sleek and modern. The belt, earrings and bracelet add the finishing touches, and the pink vest / waistcoat is a good colour for you.

  4. I can't put photos on, but a recent accessory was complimented. It's a very small clutch bag / purse, in a silver/gilt/pewter colour, with a round metallic ?badge on it. I think it goes well with smart or casual, evening or daytime clothes. It doesn't hold much, but that's probably a good thing - it can't get too heavy. :)

  5. Natasha, from your description that sounds like a lovely and versatile accessory! I can think of a few outfits of my own for which it would be just right!

  6. Karen, I love your red vest outfit. And the earrings are so much fun.

  7. Karen, where did you do the shaping darts. I have a similar blouse to yours that could use some additional shaping.

  8. Hi Anna! I added 4 vertical darts. The two in the front should be positioned in line with your bust points: put shirt on inside out and mark bust points; also place pin on side seam to mark where your waist is located - this will be the widest position of the shaping darts. You want the front darts to start one (1) inch below your bust point - Take off the shirt, and line up the two side seams from armhole to hem (so the two font halves of the shirt are perfectly matched, and mark 1 inch below the bust point apex on both front halves (make sure left and right match or else it will look lopsided when you are finished). For the back shaping darts I located them halfway between the side seams and the middle back line. The length of the darts depends on the length of your torso. The back shaping darts should start about one and a half inches below the lowest position of the armhole (where the sleeve is sewn). From their widest point (at my waist position) my darts ended 3 1/2 inches from the hem of the shirt. The total length of the dart will depend on how tall you are. Make sure your darts are parallel to the vertical line of the shirt (usually the grain of the fabric); I used a Styling Design Ruler to draw gently curving darts. Hand or machine baste; try on, then press and restitch. Finished darts should be pressed toward the center (front and back) lines.

  9. Karen, thanks for your very detailed instructions. Now I will see how brave I am to try it!

  10. Karen, Thank you for sharing. I too love the way short hair, especially since we are older sisters, works well with daring earrings...

  11. To Karen again, It is fun to realize that we all have imagination when we need to keep a flowing shawl from leaving our shoulders, with some weight, thanks to the knots..

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