Women's trousers / pants (part ot suit)

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  1. Seeking a capsule wardrobe, I bought a navy skirt, trousers(pants) and jacket (blazer) set. Was quite pleased with the achievement. :) Yesterday I tried the trousers/pants with a top - and they looked strange. Took them off! My jeans look good, but the suit trousers look baggier. Wondering whether to venture to a tailoress for alterations, as MSP suggests - but not sure what to ask for. I suppose tailoress would know after seeing the garment.

  1. Natasha, Yes! Take them to your tailor. The tailor should know what  needs altering to get a better fit for your body. Also, try the trousers with another top. Perhaps a slightly dressier top is needed? Keep using these base pieces to create outfits. Since they are all the same color, you should find many ways to wear them (casually and dressed up).
    Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Thank you for your reply MSP! Good idea to try them with a different top, too. Will venture to tailor. Our local alterations place is expanding its business, so that's a good sign.

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