Fall preview thoughts?

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  1. I'm happy to see red and plaid but happiest to see block heels, plan to stock up a bit while they are in. May get a patterned flat too. don't think I will do animal print they have never been my style. My height body type and proportions do not go well with wide cropped pants and I have no idea when I would wear a jumpsuit often enough to justify the purchase. Don't know about dressy blouses, I tend to get bored with them or spill coffee on them. I have a few ruched items already but many never look as good once they have been washed, they get disarrayed on me. Sadly I don't fit in my old peasant clothes but I might get one piece if I find one I love. I have lots of scarves but don't wear them enough, hope this will remind me. I really want to find some things in the ultra violet color. what are you looking for? what do you already love and have? What just is not for you?

  1. I love red, and am happy to see ultra violet (purple has been hard to find for several years). Scarves are definitely my style. I'm warming up to dressy blouses and ruched tops. Plaid is tricky because it often overwhelms my coloring, but I do like it and it's always in style in fall/winter, so I'll keep a lookout for something in the right tones. Probably won't bother with the rest.

  2. Wonderer, Perhaps a plaid in lavender and pale blue, I have seen sometimes in English catalogs, TV, etc. Usually in wool, so not for my climate, but I would definitely wear it.

  3. Hello! Once had a jumpsuit in the summer, never to buy again. Too complicated when you need to use the bathroom. It brushes also the floor... Later I have worn a jumpdress with legs (mini length), was better but still you need to undress completely... in the same circumstances.. When you are young not so difficult maybe, but midlle-aged or senior, not that easy to perform!

  4. I love the yellow, olive, and red colours, and could get into the ruching, plaid and dress blouses. Purple has never been a great colour on me though unfortunately, and ruffles (like on some peasant blouses) make me look and feel like a pre-pubescent girl (I’m not curvy at all). Also the wide leg crops are just a no for me, sorry ???? I’m sure some could pull them off, but not me lol

  5. Hi everyone. I've had to come to the realization that fall clothing where I live has to be warm enough to withstand snow. A summer t-shirt and sweater won't work. Burrrrr! Tried my plaid skirt one more time, but just can't get it to work. Ideas please! So went out wearing my old black jeans and jacket, shopped the closet and found brown boots with a square heel, and dug out a scarf I wish to wear more often but always thought it had too much gold to suit me. Tied it in "bib" fashion and the burgundy shows up more.


  6. Sandy, I have the same problem. Layers are your friend! The scarf is a great idea -- around this time of year I often wear ones that can pass for indoor accessories (not your serious winter scarves). I find that a little extra warmth around the neck makes a big difference and lets me get away with lighter-weight tops. Would your plaid skirt work with black opaque tights or leggings and a cute pair of ankle boots or riding boots? You can get tights and leggings that are made for warmth -- I've seen them at The Bay and even Winners. I pair my plaid pencil skirt with either a lighter-weight top under a long heavier-weight cardigan (belted), or various sweaters that can be tucked in or not, depending on how fitted they are. I also wear the same long cardigan over summer-weight dresses with cheery patterns like florals or polka dots. Hope that helps!

  7. Hi Wonderer, those are good suggestions. I'm using the not-yet-winter scarves a lot. Meant to add two photos to the above post, but they didn't go through so will try again.


  8. Trying the photo again.


  9. OK that worked. This is my attempt at the plaid skirt, that didn't really work.


  10. Well, that didn't work, trying again.


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